Managing our negative mind

The New year has begun in full swing. Many resolutions made, few kept ๐Ÿ™‚ At least that’s the most common story among my friends and colleagues. What about you?

The very fact that we make good resolutions is evidence that we have a good voice within us and we are being drawn towards our higher self. That’s the good news. The cautious news is that there is also a bad voice within us. Our inner Saboteur, who constantly keeps dragging us down. That is the very reason why we are not able to keep all our resolutions.

It takes strength, courage and conviction to deal with and defeat our inner Saboteur. The first step is to awaken ourselves and gathering the courage to confront our negative mind.

This is one of the first commandments given by Lord Sri Krishna to the great warrior Arjuna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra. This is documented in the Bhagavad Gita which is part of the epic Mahabharata.

Managing Our Negative Mind
Managing Our Negative Mind

May the Lord provide you with the strength required to vanquish your inner Saboteur and manage the negative mind within.

Godspeed. God Bless!